FLU Vaccines are in!

This flu season is approaching and it is time to make an appointment for your child’s flu vaccine. If your child has not received his vaccine (which includes the h1n1), we are recommending that all children 6 months and older receive a vaccination as soon as possible.

With the winter illnesses approaching, we will be very strict about our appointment scheduling policy. If you make an appointment and fail to cancel within the 24 hour period, you will we charged a no show fee of $40.00. If this occurs 3 times within a annual period, you may be asked to find another physician as your primary care provider. We pride ourselves in keeping the waiting time to 30 minutes so you must arrive at your appointment timely and cancel properly so all patients can be seen when needed. We thank you in advance, especially within this busy time of year.

As many of you may have read, we have a new vaccine available for males 11years and older called gardasil. This will prevent transmission to females viruses causing cervical cancer, genital warts and other diseases caused by the papillomavirus. For several years, we have been administering this vaccine to females only. Please google this vaccine for updated information.

We are also recommending that your child be updated on TDAP (especially important because of tetanus and pertussis). Hepatitis a is now recommended as well as the 2nd varicella. Please refer to our schedule for immunizations to make sure your child is up to date.

If your child is new to our practice and has been diagnosed with asthma, ADD or ADHD, please ask for our educational packets on these diseases.

The providers at the pediatric health center take great pride in the fact that each time you visit our office, you should be provided with an educational handout, either on your illness or an assessment and evaluation of your child’s growth and development. If this does not happen, please ask at our check out desk for your handout or the website that you may obtain this information for yourself.