Appointment Policy

Please print and complete any necessary new patient forms posted below and return to our office 2 days prior to your first visit.  If you need assistance completing these forms, please feel free to call our patient coordinator or our office staff.

Please mail or fax medical record requests to your previous doctor immediately because of the processing time. If you already have your children’s records, please bring to our office at least 2 days prior to the visit.

For your convenience, we have a contagious entrance for all patients with illnesses (fevers, rashes, chickenpox, colds, etc). The only exception to this is if your newborn is 4 months old or less, please enter the Well Entrance. Our patient coordinator will assist you with registering and information changes.

When Leaving the office , please exit through the waiting room you entered, for example if entering sick waiting room and you are sick, exit the same.