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We at PHC have established protocols to protect our patients, parents, and staff.  We want to keep everyone safe.  We are available in the office Monday-Friday and by phone 7 days/week.  We can perform Telemedicine with certain symptoms such as rashes and simple issues.  Dr. Goldberg requires a picture of patient with symptoms and if he can offer a solution, he will.

We are scheduling checkups separate from any sick patients.  We ask that all parents check in from your car once you get to our parking lot.  Our front desk will verify information or request entrance if no one else is in triage.  The staff will meet you at the PHC entrance to obtain a temp on parent and patient.  No parent with a fever will be allowed. EVERYONE OVER 3 IS REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK.

After we have completed your exam, you will stay in your exam room until all hallways are clear to checkout.  Staff will instruct you when to do so.  Everyone has been very pleased with the process and it has worked very well.

We are trying to obtain rapid test for COVID 19 testing.  We had the swab test, but ran out and have not been able to replenish from Labcorp or Quest.  If you suspect that you or your child has COVID, Google “Covid testing sites near me” and try to get testing appointment ASAP.

Please let us know if we can assist in any manner.

Keep Healthy and Safe!  Use good common sense about handwashing, avoiding anyone sick, wear a mask when in public and social distancing.


FLU Vaccines

This flu season is approaching and it is time to make an appointment for your child’s flu vaccine.  We are recommending that all children 6 months and older receive a vaccination as soon as possible.  Vaccines will be available the first week of September.  It is especially important with the COVID 19 virus being active at the same time and presenting with the same symptoms.

If your child has missed their yearly preventive examination please contact the office so we can get this scheduled at the same time. It is very important to get this yearly,  even though your child seems healthy.  This allows your child to be examined for any hidden health concerns and evaluated for growth and development for his age.

With the winter illnesses approaching, we will be very strict about our appointment scheduling policy. If you make an appointment and fail to cancel within the 24 hour period, you will be charged a no show fee of $45.00. If this occurs 3 times within a annual period, you may be asked to find another physician as your primary care provider. We pride ourselves in keeping the waiting time to 30 minutes,  so you must arrive at your appointment timely and cancel properly,  so all patients can be seen when needed. We thank you in advance, especially within this busy time of year.

Thank you for allowing PHC to care for your family!


Listen to Dr. Aaron Goldberg discuss Respiratory Illnesses in children on The Doctor’s Roundtable

Dr. Goldberg discusses the ins and outs of Respiratory Illnesses in children, including URI, RSV, Bronchitis, Flu and Flu Vaccine, etc., on The Doctor’s Roundtable, broadcasting live from Business Radio X studios in Sandy Springs.

The Doctor’s Roundtable is a forum for conversations with Atlanta leading doctors and thought leaders about cutting edge trends and topics in health, wellness, and lifestyle issues.

For a full transcript, click here.

Dunwoody Pediatricians now across from Williamsburg Kroger!

We are very excited to provide a convenient location for your Dunwoody pediatrician.   Located on Dunwoody Country Club Drive near Kroger, we are convenient to neighborhoods from Roberts Drive to Spalding Drive to Holcomb Bridge and back to Mount Vernon.  We are very happy to accept new patients.

We purposefully limit our daily patients , so parents can have more face time with their pediatrician.  Wait time is always less than 30 minutes.  Our office manager is always open to suggestions or glad to assist you with any concerns.

We look forward to continue to serve Dunwoody and Sandy Springs for another 30 years!

Best Regards,

Pediatric Health Center