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Dr. Aaron Goldberg has retired and Dr Desai will be joining a new practice.  If she has your contact info, she will let you know where her new practice is going to be.   Pediatric Health Center is permanently closed.  PHC will continue to accept record request until 6/27/22.  Please have your new Pediatrician send a signed record request to Fax 678-336-5259.

Good luck with your new pediatric practice .  We have thoroughly enjoyed providing medical care to your Children.

PHC staff



We at PHC have established protocols to protect our patients, parents, and staff.  We want to keep everyone safe.  We are available in the office Monday-Friday and by phone 7 days/week.  We can perform Telemedicine with certain symptoms such as rashes and simple issues.  Dr. Goldberg requires a picture of patient with symptoms and if he can offer a solution, he will.

We are scheduling checkups separate from any sick patients.  We ask that all parents check in from your car once you get to our parking lot.  Our front desk will verify information or request entrance if no one else is in triage.  The staff will meet you at the PHC entrance to obtain a temp on parent and patient.  No parent with a fever will be allowed. EVERYONE OVER 3 IS REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK.

After we have completed your exam, you will stay in your exam room until all hallways are clear to checkout.  Staff will instruct you when to do so.  Everyone has been very pleased with the process and it has worked very well.

We are trying to obtain rapid test for COVID 19 testing.  We had the swab test, but ran out and have not been able to replenish from Labcorp or Quest.  If you suspect that you or your child has COVID, Google “Covid testing sites near me” and try to get testing appointment ASAP.

Please let us know if we can assist in any manner.

Keep Healthy and Safe!  Use good common sense about handwashing, avoiding anyone sick, wear a mask when in public and social distancing.